Saturday, April 15, 2006

My abbreviated week of teaching

I'll be real quick here, since there isn't much to say anyway. No luck getting a job on Wednesday, so I filled out and/or updated a couple of applications instead. (One district was advertising about a half dozen math positions, as well as junior and senior high school math pools, so I figured I'd be a fool not to apply there!) Thursday, I was a junior high librarian. It was pretty quiet, no classes were scheduled to be there, so I just had to check books in and out, help and/or watch the handful of students who came in (mostly at lunch), put books on the shelves... All in all, a very pleasant and relaxing way to get back into the swing of things after my break. (Yet why do I feel I didn't get a break at all?) And yesterday, I had a half day "teaching" fourth grade in the afternoon. I put teaching in quotation marks because I really had very little teaching to do. They were at recess when I got there, they had silent reading when they came in, a math packet, games, more recess, I got to read to them, then they were off to various parts of the school for their Fun Friday events, while a few students came to my room and I showed Looney Tunes cartoons! Yeah, it was fun!

Nothing lined up until next Friday, when I have a two day high school science job. Next week the WASL starts up again, so there may be some test proctoring going on, or I just may not get as much work.

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