Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ooh, I don't feel so good

For weeks, there has been something going around, affecting lots of students at many of the schools I work at. One school, I had a class with thirty-three on the list, and only twenty students well enough to be there. But through all this time, I've been quite healthy — until now. Yup, I've got the latest crud going around. So I'm just trying to take it easy and rest, get what needs to get done done and little else, and get over this as quickly as I can. Fortunately, it seems pretty benign so far. (Famous last words, however, right?)

So, this past week has been pretty enjoyable. I ended up not getting a job on Monday (no surprise, it was a non-student day in one district anyway), a math job on Tuesday, science on Wednesday, and math classes on Thursday and Friday, both days for the same teacher. The nice part about this past week was it was all junior high, and I was requested for the math jobs. I guess I'm finally making a positive impression. I was able to talk with both of the math teachers, and asked one for a letter of recommendation, since her classes thought so highly of me, and she was impressed with my knowledge. On their last test, her class did very well on the material that I taught them, which made everybody happy, so I guess I've got it. I should probalby ask the other teacher for a letter as well, since he was popping in and out having some one-on-oone time with students who needed it, and he got to see a little of me at work as well.

Right now, the job applications are in a bit of a holding pattern. I've applied or updated my file in all of the nearby districts that have announced their openings, and I've got a few more to keep an eye on. Thank goodness for last Monday off, that gave me a chance to catch up. Now I can start thinking about some of the more far-flung places that I'd like to teach in, but again, not every place has openings available yet. If I end up having to take a day or two off this week to fight the crud, I'll work on the job hunt, but spring break is next week, so I'm currently in no rush.

No jobs lined up for this week so far, but I'm sure that will change soon. Maybe I should avoid PE this week, however.

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