Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Catching up

The irony of this blog is I have the most time to write thoughtful entries when I'm not actually teaching — like now. But it's supposed to be a blog about teaching. Go fig.

I've had a lot more PE jobs this past week. I don't mind PE most of the time, particularly when the kids already know what they're doing and all I really have to do is supervise. But it's not my thing, I was never really much of a jock in school (which is probalby actually a good thing when I'm teaching), and I'd rather teach math. Oh, well. And I made a very accurate predition on Friday. When I snagged a science job and realized it was the day before a week's vacation, I said to myself, "I'm showing a video, aren't I?" Sure enough... This was interesting, however, because I got to show it from the teacher's computer, through a video projector and onto the big pull-down screen that fewer and fewer classrooms have these days. And it was a lot of very interesting information about the space program, the space shuttle, and the ISS — all presented in a dull, lifeless manner. I guess that's always been the problem with educational films, though, isn't it?

So, I'm trying to get a lot of chores and tidying done this week, and tomorrow I get my final letter of recommendation so that I can finally start applying for jobs. We shall see what happens. Thursday and Friday one of the districts I work in is back in session, so I'll see if I can snag something, but next week is when it really gets busy again.

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