Tuesday, January 11, 2005

An interesting experience today...

I've got just a quick moment here to tell you all about something out of the ordinary that happened today. I was subbing in a math class at one of the high schools when an announcement was made that, should there be some sort of evacuation, students would probably want to take a coat or something to keep them warm, as it was very cold out, hovering around the freezing mark. Huh? Sure enough, there was a fire alarm. So we trooped out onto the football field in the cold. Yup, it was cold. When we got back to class, I mentioned that it was so cold, I froze my asymptote.

Well, math geeks will get it, anyway. Fortunately, this class got it.

And for those reading this from other parts of the country, wondering why we wimped out over temperatures only in the low 30s F (or around 0 C), let's just say that it usually doesn't get that cold around here.

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