Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Oh, yeah, I'm back in the game!

Since my temporary teaching permit came the other day, I've been trying to get back into the subbing pool with the two districts I worked in before being hired by (ugh) Marysville. The district I'd rather get most of my work in, as it's the one I live in, the one I hope to work in, and just an overall cool district to work for, is going to take some doing, as I essentially have to go through everything to open a new application, including a letter, resume, letters of reference, etc., which is going to take a while. And since the last day of school before break is this coming Friday, I don't think I'll be able to get a job there before the new year starts. But the other, neighboring district, which is also a nice place to work, said, "Sure, come on in, bring your permit, we'll have you fill out some forms, and you'll be set." So I went in this morning, and they weren't kidding! Within about half an hour, I was back in the system, I got my new substitute's handbook and an ID badge, and I was scheduled for an orientation session next month. But they need subs so bad (as do most districts, actually) that they said I could get started now. So once I got home, I called up their phone-based sub computer and entered my information, then got onto their website and snagged a job for the first day back after break! (Yes, this district has a web-based subfinder system, where you can go in and snag whatever job appeals to you. Only trouble is, you have to be quick, as others are doing the same thing...) They even had a half-day job this afternoon, and my mouse hovered over it for quite a while, but I eventually decided not to take it, as I have no work clothes ironed and ready to go (but guess what I'll be doing this afternoon?), and as I haven't had lunch yet, it would mean no food until I got home from tutoring tonight!

It's not ideal, as I'm back to work days that last twelve to fourteen hours, no benefits, and no guarantees, but at least it ought to keep our bank account from hemorrhaging, and I won't be getting so restless. The most important thing, however, is that I'm teaching again! Of course, I only have the chance to teach for two days before winter break, but it's a start. And yes, I'll be spending much of my time over break applying for the other district (and working -- tutoring only has one week off, so I still have work in the afternoons next week).

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