Monday, November 22, 2004

Cross those fingers!

What should be the final piece of paperwork to get my substitute certificate arrived on Saturday, and I made copies of all of them yesterday to send to Olympia. Later this morning, I'll drop the letter off at the post office, and then it's in the hands of the Office of Proffesional Practices again. I hope it's enough, I hope they don't take their time about it, and I hope they actually tell me if there's something else they need (although I'm not sure what else I could provide). Since it's Thanksgiving this week, however, I'm sure not a lot will happen until next week. That's fine with me, that will give me a few more days to finally finish this last class and submit all of the paperwork. I just hope they can grade it quick, so I can get my transcript quick, so I can apply for my continuing certificate and possibly start the whole merry-go-round all over again...

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