Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Catching up, and some VERY good news!

Well, I put in an all-afternooner (?!) today and got all of the papers I've been sitting on graded. That was a big weight off my shoulders. I've only entered two of the classes into Grade Machine, but I'm definitely in better shape now than I was last night! I should be able to stay on top of things now — until I get behind again, of course…

The early election returns are in, and it looks like the Marysville School District will have a whole new board, or at least close enough. All three of the incumbents are going down to inglorious defeat, so there will be a majority of new members on the board very soon. This should result in a contract at last, and a lot of damage control can start up. And there is a lot of it to take care of!

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