Thursday, October 23, 2003

Getting settled in

Well, it's only the second day of school, but I already feel like I'm getting settled in. It's feeling pretty good, and going more smoothly than I'd expect. The classes are still pretty good — and yes, I know that this is still the honeymoon, things will be different within two weeks. I think my other big class (not the real chatty one) could turn out to be a great mix, they worked really well together today on a short in-class project. Of course, I'm enjoying working with all of them so far. I'm not sure how other teachers can remember the names of 120 students every year, though! The last time I was in this sort of situation, I only had two classes, so that was only about sixty to keep straight.

One other exciting thing happening this week is that I've started my first class. I still need to get in over 130 clock hours by the end of June to keep my certification going, so I figured I'd better get started. The first class I'm doing is about web-based resources for math students — and it's all online. This could be fascinating, just seeing how the students and instructor interact with each other without ever actually meeting face to face. The ESD is also offering a class on the TI-83 calculator, which is probably a must-take for me.

And finally, I'm getting to try out my new wardrobe at last! It's been lying around for almost eight weeks! These shoes are very comfortable!

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