Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Day 43

I am on a real emotional roller coaster right now. My colleagues are either more fired up about this than ever before, or getting even more down, or both. I know just what they're going through, as I'm feeling the same way. Not much else to say, I guess, I'm just emotionally spent. Tomorrow there will be no picketing, but the teachers will be at the Snohomish County court house to hear what the judge has to say — and if we're ordered back to work, we'll meet on Thursday to decide if we will go back or not. (Personally, I've decided not to go to the court house, as there will very likely be enough teachers there without me. The room only holds about one hundred, and there are, what, almost seven hundred of us? Plus the parents, students, lawyers, media… I wonder if the judge will actually be able to find a place to sit?)

An interesting development: My wife reported the guy who is harassing her at work to the forums at the Everett Herald website. As a result, the Herald has shut down talk about the strike. I think things are getting just a little bit too heated now…

Tonight, the League of Women Voters is holding a candidate forum for all the Marysville races. It will be interesting to hear which school board candidates are actually there, and how they answer some of the hard questions I know they're going to get.

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