Monday, October 13, 2003

Day 42

We got the gist of the current proposals from both the district and union today. They're still far apart, and the district is still trying to sell the snake oil they've been offering since this whole mess began. On the off, off, off chance any member of the Marysville School Board is reading this: Hey! Lay off the whole switch to the state salary schedule idea! There is no way you are going to convince the teachers to ratify a new contract if this is in it! And I still haven't heard a satisfactory answer as to why you want us all to switch to that one anyway… And while I'm ranting, lay off the extra time being directed from an outside source, the district or the principals or something like that. We do enough on our own time already, thank you. We don't need to add that much extra time to the school year, and certainly not this year, which will probably go into July as it is.

The district joined one of the parents' groups today in filing a cross claim on the injunction filed last week, even though the district is named as a plaintiff in that suit. Huh? What it all boils down to is, they were unable to browbeat us into accepting their offer at the table, so they're going to make a judge make us accept it, or something like that. It won't work.

Finally, some jerk found out where my wife worked, and e-mailed them making claims about her sanity and fitness to do her job. Of course, my wife has been pretty active on the AIMS message board. Hey, buddy, if I ever find out who you are, I will do whatever I can, within the limits of the law, to make your life miserable. If you've got a beef with the teachers, fine, that I can understand. But leave my family out of it. She is expressing her right to voice her opinion, just as you should be expressing yours in a more mature and grown-up way.

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