Thursday, September 04, 2003

Day 3 of the strike

Not much to say today, it was more of the same. At least the principal came out to say hi, everyone has been very sympathetic that, as a new employee to the district, I'm sort of caught in the crossfire, and my toe, while not blistered any more, is still hurting like crazy, and I can't figure out why. I've gotten extremely grumpy, which has gotten my wife grumpy, so now we're grumpy at each other, and every little thing seems to set us off, notably when I probe my toes trying to figure out why the right little one still hurts so bad.

So I need some cheering up, darn it! So here, from the home office in Boring, Oregon, is the Top Ten Good Things About This Teachers' Strike!

10. Picketing helps give you a nice tan.
9. All the nice people in their cars giving us the "You're Number One" salute.
8. Get a chance to talk to colleagues about something other than school.
7. Kids who are joining in actually find out their teachers' first names.
6. After this, that weird kid in fifth period who eats paste will seem like a little angel.
5. Walking the picket line is helping me catch up on all that summer exercise I never got around to.
4. Lunch? Potluck picnic on the sidewalk!
3. No pesky lesson plans to write or papers to grade.
2. Why would we want to be in a stuffy old classroom on a sunny day in the Puget Sound area?
1. Three words: Bonding with colleagues!

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