Saturday, September 27, 2003

Day 26 (see, I can count again!), and boy, is THIS a bombshell!

What I'm reporting is second- and third-hand stuff, but if it's true, it could really put an interesting spin on things.

From what I gather, the district sent yet another letter out to the community yesterday, and it started arriving today. Now, they've been doing this from the start, putting their spin on things. Basically, they're trying to get the community on their side, but so far it's not really been working. Well, this last letter includes details of this week's negotiations — which the mediator told everyone to keep quiet about! If the district is trying to make itself look good, they're doing a very poor job of it!

Oh, yeah, and today was my second Saturday at Sylvan. It did not go well, as I was tired and cranky, I had kids talking back to me, and the secretary came over and told me to calm down. When I'm upset, about the worst thing anyone can do is tell me to calm down! I almost walked out, and I'm seriously thinking about quitting. (Of course, if this strike goes on much longer, I may have to quit anyway, if the district has to start making days up on Saturdays.) I'd rather not be there anyway, but I do need the money...

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