Saturday, August 30, 2003

Wardrobe make-over

Well, I did it today, at long last. I completely made over my working wardrobe. I've always tried to look professional-yet-casual when I teach, but looking through my clothes yesterday in anticipation of today's shopping trip, I realized just how bad it was. I think I've had some of those shirts for close to ten years! So, away went all of my old clothes in a large bag for charity. Fortunately I have a few nice clothes that my mother bought for me last spring when I was feeling particularly despondent, and I picked up some new pants at Costco a couple of weeks ago. What I really needed, however, were some shoes! I'm not sure I've ever had a really good, comfortable pair of work shoes, just because I've never really been able to afford them. So this time around, price was no object, I just wanted to get good, solid, comfortable shoes, one pair in black and one in brown. I won't bore you with all of the details, but I did find them. (And my mother, who I asked to come for moral support and advice, was even kind enough to buy the brown pair.) I also wanted some shirts, and we found some at a good price at one store, then a bunch at a really good clearance price at another. While I was there, I also bought a belt and some socks. This is basically the first all-new work wardrobe I've ever had since becoming a teacher, and the first time I've bought so many clothes at once since I was in high school, I think. And it's all quality stuff, so it should last me for a few years — not that I intend to let my wardrobe fall into a state of complete decrepitude again if I can aford it!

That was pretty much it today, except I also got my membership packet for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) today as well. So I guess I'm a member.

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