Monday, August 11, 2003

My last free week

This is probably my last really free week before my new job gets going in earnest. Next week, there will apparently be some training for the school's staff having to do with the Gates Foundation grant it received last spring, and then the week after that I get new teacher orientation and, I hope, start moving in and planning for my first days of teaching. But this week? Not much. I'm mostly done with the paperwork -- all I have to do is find some record of my immunizations at my parents' place -- which I'll be turning in on Wednesday when I go up to get my fingerprints taken. I also hope to get started reading The First Days of School, a book I've seen in other teachers' rooms and been very impressed with when I've flipped through it. I recently bought a copy for myself, and plan to make use of it here very soon. I'll also be doing my regular jobs tutoring at Sylvan Learning Center and some filing at Corner Comics -- and trying to come up with things to write here, of course. I suspect it will end up being a lot of background, or stuff that couldn't, shouldn't, or wouldn't fit in my biography.

Hey, if there's anything you want to ask, feel free to use the comments at the end of each entry. I'll answer there or, if it's big enough, I'll write a blog entry about it.

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