Tuesday, August 19, 2003

My first day at work!

Well, today was the day. I got to go to school today, meet my new colleagues, and take part in a workshop. It went very well! I'm now more glad than ever that I'm working at MJHS, it has a terrific staff (those I've met so far, at least -- one asked if I was related to Helen, my grandmother who also taught in Marysville), and I've even heard that some of the other teachers are jealous that the math department is so good! I won't bore you with all the details about the workshop, but Mary, one of the math department co-heads, did show me around during one break. I got to see some of the rooms (no word yet on whether I get my own room, share with another teacher, or get to push a cart around the school) and the book storage area. Huzzah, it's the same program that they use in the Northshore school district, so I'm already familiar with it! (And the other department co-head is looking to see if I will be able to take a workshop on the curriculum later this week, as well.)

I also got a look at my schedule, and it looks like a good one. MJHS has an eight period day -- but some of those are short lab periods, I gather, so it's still only a six-hours-plus-lunch day for the students. At any rate, I have two prep periods. Third period is the common prep time for the entire math department, and it looks like the department will meet at that time to do whatever needs to be done. My other prep period is eighth, which will be nice, as I can end my day by getting ready for the next day, and still get out at a reasonable time (at least that's the theory -- in reality, I know I'll have meetings, papers to grade, calls to make, notes to write, e-mail to handle, etc., etc.). Not bad at all, and my class times are nicely broken up during the day. Yup, I am definitely going to like it here this year!

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