Wednesday, August 13, 2003

It's all happening!

I spent an enjoyable hour this morning at the Marysville SD's service center, getting things going for the coming year. The big order of business I had to take care of was fingerprinting, but Connie, who did the job, is obviously very experienced. It went quickly, and then she gave me a squirt of auto degreaser to wash off the ink. Boy, did that do the job! I also turned in a bunch of my paperwork, and Connie told me how well organized I was about it. Apparently most teachers aren't so careful. The only form I didn't turn in was my immunization record. It turns out that I was too young when I got my measles shots, and it probably didn't take! Then there was one last order of business before I took off: They made my ID badge for me! So I guess it's all really happening, as I now have tangible proof! My picture on a little piece of plastic! Woo-hoo!

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